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About Bell

About Bell

BCH is management consultant company working in the Middle East and having experiences in many Middle Eastern countries like Syria, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon. Bell Consulting House is working in all kinds of Micro and Macro economy projects in Tourism and Hospitality, Insurance, Finance, and other industries. On the other hand, BCH is working on both strategic and operational level such as strategic planning, policy formulation, restructuring and reengineering of companies, IPO’s, operation and information management and human resources management. BCH members are known for their high degree of competencies and creativity which aim to serve our costumer needs and solve complex problems.

Our Vision

To found a consultancy service that adds quality, culture and knowledge to our associates, thus developing their strategic position in the most cost- efficient manner.


Our Mission

Bell consulting House is founded as ultimate results of the new accelerating operating environment, which create Economical, Social, Technological and Ecological challenges for all players at the market.

Our Targeted Clients /Partners

BCH team is interested in satisfying clients' needs by helping them with something they are unable to do, or choose not to do for themselves. Also BCH offers assistance and experts to response to these needs. BCH is there to clarify, identify, the needs of the clients, usually in the form of helping them solve a particular problem. Therefore, our relation with the clients depends on considerable care and attention to make the best effective intervention possible.

our team

The cross-functional team is a group of consultants with academic qualification from western cultures coupled with Middle Eastern business backgrounds who are committed to a common purpose.

The team will approach the achievement of performance goals to reflect that they hold themselves personally accountable. Within each cross-functional team are the implementation skills and business knowledge necessary to seize opportunities and/or struggle with complex strategic issues.

Our integrated network systems capability incorporates locally, regionally and internationally renowned expertise to assure best quality.

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